An upscale, modern neighborhood with the charm of the countryside. A haven for those who enjoy being near the city with the privacy of rural living.

Morningside is a haven for those in southern St. Joseph County who desire the serenity of a rural setting with the convenience of a location just minutes from Plymouth, South Bend, and the US-31 bypass. Your dream home awaits to be built in this community that features the reliability of city water and sewer, Laville schools, and easy access to Newton Park. Truly a nature lover’s dream, Morningside also affords a convenient proximity to Potato Creek State Park, Riddles Lake, and Pleasant Lake.



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Lot #Sq Ft MinimumsPriceFeaturesLot Survey
Lot 11600/2000$39,600Entry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 1 Survey
Lot 21600/2000$41,900Interior LotLot 2 Survey
Lot 31600/2000$41,900Interior LotLot 3 Survey
Lot 41600/2000$39,000Interior LotLot 4 Survey
Lot 71600/2000$38,000Interior LotLot 7 Survey
Lot 81600/2000$43,000Corner LotLot 8 Survey
Lot 111600/2000$47,000Cul de SacLot 11 Survey
Lot 121600/2000$56,650Cul de Sac, Walkout GradeLot 12 Survey
Lot 131600/2000$56,650Cul de Sac, Walkout GradeLot 13 Survey
Lot 141600/2000$38,000Cul de SacLot 14 Survey
Lot 161600/2000$44,500No Rear NeighborsLot 16 Survey
Lot 341600/2000$53,350Water Views, Walkout GradeLot 34 Survey
Lot 361600/2000$35,900Entry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 36 Survey
Lot 371600/2000$37,000Entry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 37 Survey
Lot 381600/2000$48,400Lookout GradeLot 38 Survey
Lot 391600/2000$48,950Lookout GradeLot 39 Survey
Lot 411600/2000$49,500Cul de SacLot 41 Survey
Lot 421600/2000$52,250Cul de Sac, TreelinedLot 42 Survey
Lot 441600/2000$45,000Corner LotLot 44 Survey
Lot 451600/2000$49,500Corner LotLot 45 Survey
Lot 481600/2000$44,000Interior LotLot 48 Survey
Lot 491600/2000$44,000Interior LotLot 49 Survey
Lot 501600/2000$40,000Interior LotLot 50 Survey
Lot 511600/2000$40,000Interior LotLot 51 Survey
Lot 521600/2000$39,000Interior LotLot 52 Survey
Lot 531600/2000$44,000Interior LotLot 53 Survey
Lot 541600/2000$404,000Interior LotLot 54 Survey
Lot 551600/2000$40,000Interior LotLot 55 Survey
Lot 561600/2000$46,750Corner LotLot 56 Survey
Lot 581600/2000$44,000Interior LotLot 58 Survey
Lot 591600/2000$45,650Interior LotLot 59 Survey
Lot 601600/2000$45,650Interior LotLot 60 Survey
Lot 611600/2000$41,500Interior LotLot 61 Survey
Lot 621600/2000$45,650Interior LotLot 62 Survey
Lot 631600/2000$40,000Interior LotLot 63 Survey
Lot 641600/2000$40,000Interior LotLot 64 Survey
Lot 651600/2000$39,000Interior LotLot 65 Survey
Lot 661600/2000$37,000TreelinedLot 66 Survey
Lot 671600/2000$41,000TreelinedLot 67 Survey
Lot 691600/2000$40,000TreelinedLot 69 Survey
Lot 701600/2000$44,900TreelinedLot 70 Survey
Lot 711600/2000$41,900TreelinedLot 71 Survey
Lot 721600/2000$41,900Entry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 72 Survey


More than just a hidden country gem, Morningside is a unique blend of a quiet, rural Indiana location, pleasing suburban streetscapes, and amenities typically reserved for urban settings. Situated perfectly within easy walking distance of Newton Park, its location affords excellent opportunities for leisure activities and relaxation.



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